Michel de Ghelderode: The Diseased Garden

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4 thoughts on “Michel de Ghelderode: The Diseased Garden

  1. Thanking you for making this prose work available in translation. I’ve become interested in Ghelderode since discovering Ligeti’s only opera ‘Le Grand Macabre’ is based upon one of his many dramas; the best of which for myself so far are, ‘Pantagleize’ and ‘Barrabas’. ‘The Ostend Interviews’ probably the most informative autobiographical reading.

    1. I have in fact translated Sortil├Ęges in its entirety, but so far my prospective publisher has been unable to secure translation rights. In a worst case scenario I’ll at least post my draft introduction to the blog.

  2. Have the Ghelderode stories been removed because of the publication of Spells? I’m going to buy the book asap, but was hoping to get a little taste here…

    1. I’m afraid so. The publisher didn’t object to the post, but it’s been superceded by a revised version, so I decided to delete. Hope you won’t be disappointed if you purchase the volume.

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