Screen shot Spitzweg


Michel de Ghelderode: The Diseased Garden

Michel de Ghelderode: The Devil in London

Jean Ray: Mondschein-Dampfer

Jean Ray: The End of the Street

A Small Jean Ray Dossier

          Francis Lacassin interviews Jean Ray

          Jean Ray, John Flanders, John Ray + The Devil on Board

         Jean Ray: The Outer Edge of Darkness      

Marcel Brion: Sibilla van Loon

Marcel Brion: Occurrence on a Journey

Franz Hellens: Fog

Marcel Béalu: from Memoirs of the Dark

Thomas Owen: Three Stories

         Donatienne and Her Destiny

         The Watch

         At Bernkastel Cemetery

Georges Rodenbach: Three Stories

         The Lover of Mirrors

         The City

         One Evening

Claude Seignolle: The Matago

Jean-Louis Bouquet: The Maidens of the Night

Jean-Louis Bouquet: The City of Darkness

Francis Lacassin: The Darkness Outside (Jean-Louis Bouquet after 1950)

Gérard Prévot: The Midnight Guitar Player

Maurice Renard: M. d’Outremort

Blanche Rousseau: Big Miss Fanny

Strange Fiction in Translation: a checklist

A Marabout Fantastique Gallery



4 thoughts on “Contents

  1. This looks like a wonderful and fascinating resource. I’m looking forward to exploring it. You may like to take a look at my own website which features my art which may be to your taste.

  2. Your website is a treasurebox.

    I decided to write you because the Marcel Brion tale which you so immaculately translated has absolutely blown me away. Whether his other work is of comparable quality or not, I’d like to beg for at least another piece or two from this writer, hitherto unknown to me, whenever you can spare the time and will to do it. I would be very grateful to read more of his writings. Thank you.

    1. Thanks Hollis. To answer your question, yes, the best of Brion’s other work is of comparable quality. His collection of stories, Les escales de la haute nuit, is fresh, original and extremely well written. I’d like to translate more of him; hopefully one day…

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